Why is bamboo more
eco-friendly than tree paper?

Bamboo plants can grow faster than weeds. Seriously, it grows so fast that it’s very difficult to run out of it.

Some bamboo plants can grow as fast as 35 inches per day and hold the world record for fastest growing plant.

This is approximately 0.1 inches per 5 minutes! We can literally watch bamboo grow! It grows so fast that it would be nearly impossible to use it fast enough to cause environmental issues.

Bamboo grows unchecked in many areas of the world where the temperate and humid climate year round are ideal for bamboo growth. While tree wood has been traditionally been used for products resulting in deforestation, bamboo is far more ideal for making smaller items for everyday use.

Long ago, on a trip to Thailand where we took a jungle trek, our tour guide showed us all the amazing things they use the plentiful bamboo plants around them to use in their daily lives and one of them was a pair of chopsticks so that we could eat our food. It took her about 10 seconds with a machete to chop them for me. That really opened my eyes to what was potentially possible using bamboo.

On top of all these benefits, bamboo has also been proven to be naturally anti-microbial and anti-bacterial. What a perfect material for your cutlery!