In 2018, driven by the needs of their customers, KGPeco embarked on a worldwide search for the most eco-friendly straws on the market. Starting with the bamboo fiber straws and then moving on to other progressive and earth-friendly products, we have been growing as a leader in sustainable products that are at the cutting edge of eco-technology.

KGPeco utilizes the 44 year supply chain business experience of its parent company to provide the best customer service possible while keeping prices low and efficiency high.

Jim Song
VP, Marketplace

While growing up as a kid, Jim had an affinity for nature and the wilderness. This love for nature was passed down from his dad, who grew up in farming hills in South Korea. Every time Jim goes back to Korea, he visits the forests to pay his respects to nature and the home of his ancestors. 

Jim is an Eagle Scout with over 300 nights camping experience and significant experience in the wilderness. While growing up, he was always thoughtful about nature and how humans fit into the environment and how we can conserve the gifts around us while also utilizing the resources efficiently. So much so that environmental engineering was one of his top choices for careers.

In 2008-2009, Jim traveled around the world for 365 days and became deeply appreciative of how people live in other countries, how they live off the land, and how humans are negatively affecting nature. Jim has vowed to leave the world a better place for his kids and is KGPeco is one of his passions.


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